Muscari Whites 
                        Price List
                                             Fresh Wedding Flowers
The prices for fresh wedding flowers are intended as a guide, due to the many variables that we, as florists, have to take into consideration
 i.e; seasonality,availability.
  Muscari Whites Florist, work within your budget, to create beautiful Fresh wedding flowers for your wedding day.

Brides Hand tied Posy 8"                                       From £35.00
Brides hand tied posy 10"                                    From £55.00
Brides teardrop Bouquet                                        from £75.00
Brides Crescent Bouquet                                     from £85.00
Brides Semi-Crescent                                          from £100.00
Brides Overarm                                                      from £50.00
Brides Line Bouquet                                              from £65.00
Brides Victorian Posy                                           from £45.00
Bridesmaid Hand tied Posy                                 from £30.00
Bridesmaid Overarm                                            from £35.00
Bridesmaid Victorian Posy                               from £35.00
Bridesmaid Limited flower Bouquet              from £25.00
Bridesmaid Single Presentation                      from £12.50
Flower girl Posy                                                        from £15.00
Flowergirl Hoops                                                    from £25.00
Flower girl Pomander                                           from £40.00
Flower girl Victorian Posy                                  from £25.00
Single Buttonhole                                                    from £3.95
Double Buttonhole                                                  from £5.95
Mixed flower Buttonhole                                      from £5.00
Corsage                                                                         from £8.50
Wrist corsage                                                            from £15.00
Top Table long & low Arrangement                                    
                                                                 3ft long      from £45.00
Top Table long & low arrangement
                                                                2ft long       from £35.00

For guest table arrangements
Displays of flowers in;
Hand tied posy in Bubble Bowl                         from £15.00
Skinny Lily Vase                                                         from £15.00
Thicker Lily Vase                                                       from £35.00
Martini Vase                                                                 from £35.00
Martini Vase luxury                                          from £50.00
Posy in Oasis                                                      From  £20.00                                                                     

Mirror box containers to place your flower bouquets while enjoying your wedding breakfast , doubles up as instant table display.                                                       
  from £3.00 per box
Vintage embellished bespoke table displays,
 using all things vintage ,
glass cake stands, tea sets,teapots,books, board games,glass bottles,tablecloths,top hats, string pearls, buttons,
 photo frames ,of-course  fresh flowers
                                                                                      From £25.00 
                                                                                                per table
 All round / front faced  Arrangements
 for church /venue                                                   From £65.00

Fresh flower Pew Ends                                             From £8.50                                                              
Pew End voile Bows set of 10                                  From £12.00
Simple pew ends single rose                           from £2.00 each
with satin ribbon 
Simple chair decoration -                               from £1.20 each
 head of flower on satin ribbon     
Thank-you Hand-tied Bouquets                      from 25.00
Pair of potted bay trees 4ft complete with fairy lights, dressed in matching voile to hire                                   £30.00

Walkway of handmade paper Pom poms TBA

Flowers guest tables