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                        Price List
                                             Fresh Wedding Flowers
The prices for fresh wedding flowers are intended as a guide, due to the many variables that we, as florists, have to take into consideration
 i.e; seasonality,availability.
  Muscari Whites Florist, work within your budget, to create beautiful Fresh wedding flowers for your wedding day.

Brides hand tied posy 10"                                    £35.00 -  £55.00
Brides teardrop Bouquet                                        from £90.00
Loose brides bouquet.                                             From £45.00

Bridesmaid Hand tied Posy                                 from £25.00
Loose bridesmaids  bouquet                                From £25.00

Adult headdress 
Gypsophila              From 30.00
Mixed flower           From £45.00

Flower girl Posy                                                       £15.00 each                                                           
Flower girl headdress                                           £15.00 each
Flower girl wand                                                     £12.50
Mixed flower Buttonhole                                      from £5.00
Ladies corsage                                                              £6.50
Wrist corsage                                                            from £15.00
Top Table long & low Arrangement                                    
                                                                 3ft long      from £55.00
Top Table long & low arrangement
                                                                2ft long       from £45.00

For guest table arrangements
Displays of flowers from £25.00
Jars from £5.00 each
Candelabra with ball of flowers £55.00 each
Candelabra with ring of flowers £45.00 each

Gypsophila £12.00 per ft
Mixed flower with foliage  £15.00 per ft
Mixed foliage £12.00 per ft

Country from £50.00


Flowers guest tables                                      

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