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11th January 2012
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11th January 2012

Hello and welcome to week two of January 2012.
This week has been interesting for us, we've been extremely busy creating some stunning pieces, but as often with this time of year it is tinged with sadness as we've been working hard with sympathy pieces.
We were fortunate enough to be apart of this extremely well loved and cared for mans funeral, it was truly an honour. We had a few larger items, which we added our Muscari Whites touch by changing from chrystantums to roses on a couple of  pieces. As well as changing from the traditional double edged pleated ribbon around the pieces to the more bespoke touch of using organza material, which we feel has given it a gorgeous and unique feel.
There are a few photos of our work below, more to be added later!
funeral flowers
Double interlocking heart, surrounded in white organza, based in large headed Red Naomi roses, with added twisted of bear grass and diamante pins, with a single white arrow through the centre.
sending flowers
MY PETE lettering, surrounded in White organza material, based in Large headed red Naomi roses with dimante pins in the centre of a few of the roses.
sending flowers
2D car, based in chrysanthemums, sprayed in light blue to depicted  the unique features of this classic motor car.
sending flowers
GRANDAD lettering, surrounded in Gold organza, based in bright yellow chrysanthemums, with a delicate spray of Orange roses on every other
sending flowers
DAD Lettering, surrounded in Blue organza, based in white chrysanthemums with gorgeous blue spray
sending flowers
16" heart, surrounded in lilac organza, based in white chrysanthemums, with a lovely spray of lilac roses with purple freesias.
For the next few days we will be concentrating on preparing for our Wedding Fayre with Best Brides at Brands Hatch this coming Sunday (Sunday 15th January), which if you are one of our brides to be or know someone who is in need of floristry help for their up coming wedding, feel free to come along, details can be found on www.bestbrides.co.uk or Twitter tag is @BestBridesWE
Hopefully look forward to meeting you there and next week we will post our remaining dates for the wedding fayres that we will be attending.
Thanks for reading
Kelly & Michelle
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